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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Are you tired of your dirty carpets? You can’t stand the smell that goes with that horrible pet stain? You don’t have to put up with it any longer! Caring for your carpet goes beyond appearances; it’s a matter of protecting your family’s health.

It’s about rediscovering the comfort of your carpets and to be able to allow your children to play on them without fearing dust, bacteria and allergies. RL CLEANING allows you to breathe a fresher air in no time!

Our technicians are trained to the highest standards in the carpet cleaning industry. We comply with all cleaning methods, including the new generation of stain resistant carpets. Our high performance equipment, our three steps washing process and the quality of our products allow us to restore your carpets to its original beauty.

Our work is 100% guarantee or your money back.

Call us at (514) 771-7067 and learn how to apply a 25% discount on our antibacterial treatment during our scheduled visit.


RL CLEANING gives you the option to choose 100% ecological products for all of our services. Call us for more information or simply request this option during our next visit.



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