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General Maintenance

When it comes to spring cleaning or general maintenance for your offices, ballrooms, restaurants, lounges or homes, RL CLEAN makes life easier for you! From floor to ceiling, we will make every square inch of your workplace shine like new! We clean windows, walls, carpets and more.


RL CLEANING is there to help you when you need to clean after a messy renovation, at the end of a long a busy season or after an unforeseen event. Our crews will fulfil your every expectation. Our specialists are ready and available to work, even on short notice, to accommodate your needs.


No matter how difficult the task, we always succeed in restoring order! Our equipment is on the cutting edge of technology and the techniques that we use meet the highest standards of the industry. For you, this translates into hi-speed service and unsurpassed quality. Finally, our prices will convince you that RL CLEANING is the best option for your company.


Call us today for a free estimate. Our consultants are ready to answer your questions and find the best combination of services for the task at hand. Call us at (514) 771-7067 or send us an email at info@rlnettoyage.net


RL CLEANING gives you the option to choose 100% ecological products for all of our services. Call us for more information or simply request this option during our next visit.



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